Rome, Via Antonio Salandra

2 sqm to 12 sqm
2 to 4 people

he office space in Barberini, Rome is in a refurbished modern building close to the US embassy and government departments. There is a terrace with views over this prestigious district, developed in the centre of Rome at the end of the 19th century, and the major banks are based nearby. Rome is dominated by commercial service sectors, including banking and insurance, and attracts leading companies from hi-tech industries such as IT, aerospace, telecoms, defence, electronics and energy. It is home to the headquarters of major Italian corporations and important international scientific, political and cultural organisations such as NATO Defence College, the World Food Programme and International Foundation for Agricultural Development. The offices are within easy reach of the city's main rail station and key connecting roads.


The building, very close to Via Veneto, is surrounded by banks and business offices; nearby you can find cafes and restaurants, perfect for a leisurely lunch break.

Via Antonio Salandra
00187 Italy RM